Monday, November 5, 2012

Cute Coats for Fall/Winter 2012!

These coat are so cute!!! They are wool and double breasted to keep you warm!

Wool coat dress! "Double" corded belt with flowing bell skirt!

I really like this whole outfit but the wool coat dress and oversized scarf are my favorites! So adorable!

I think this coat is super trendy with the oversized belt and oversized collar! I also LOVE the dusty rose color!
Stay warm and be super cute this year!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cute Accessories for Fall/Winter 2012!

     Here are some cute hats, gloves, and scarves I found for Fall and Winter 2012! I hope that you enjoy! Prices listed are in USD and are the websites posted price, some prices my differ in store!

This is a Cable Knit Hooded Scarf from Forever 21 it comes in cream, olive, and teal (shown) and the cost is $12.99.

This is a Faux Fur Collar from Forever 21, it comes in two colors wine/black and purple/black the cost is $7.80.
This is the Pom Pom Beanie from Forever 21. It comes in mint, neon pink and blue (shown) it costs $4.80.

These two hats are from Forever 21 as well they are both trapper hats!
The left one is a Metallic Knit Trapper hat and costs $12.80.
The right is a Plaid Trapper hat and costs $9.50.

 These Striped Fingerless Mittens are the last item from Forever 21 and cost $7.80.
I like them because you can keep your fingers warm in the mittens or if you need to write or grip anything you don't have to take them mittens all the way off! :)
 This hat/glove/scarf set is for the kids but I think it is adorable! Its from Ebay and it costs $14.99!
Last but not least this 3 piece set is from Walmart and retails for $11.00! Usually you can find the quality of the winter accessories pretty thick and comfy, I have never had any problems!
Keep warm everyone!!!

The blues of blue eyes...

     This is the image that pops in my head whenever someone mentions blue eyeshadow to me... People always say "Your eyes are so beautiful, they would pop if you wore blue eyeshadow."
NO they would not... I would look like a clown...

     It seems like everytime I find an eyeshadow trio or quad for blue eyes it has blue in it...

     See what I mean? :) I love Almay products though, and maybe there are more people like me out there because they changed it up!!!

     YAY! LOOK ME NO BLUE!!!! Also, fun note, I love these colors for my eyes. Bronze, golds, reds, oranges, and green are my go to colors. I feel like my eyes look so bright! When I want a bold eye I go for hot pink and red. I love statement eyeshadows. Depending on the look your going for you can match your eyeliner accordingly. If you want a bright, bold eye go with black liner and put some eyeshadow under your lower lashes! If you want something a little more toned down I would go with a thin line of brown liner.

     Don't be afraid to be dramatic and express yourself though your makeup. If your bold let it show through! No one can fault you for being your bold beautiful self!

Here is a list of single shadows I love!!!

1. M.A.C eyeshadow in Coppering ($15 USD)
2. Milani Runway Eyes Palette in Glamorus Gems ($7.97 USD Walmart, $8.99 on website)
3. Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Give Me Gold and Coral Oasis ($7.94 USD Walmart, $9.99 Web)
4. E.L.F single eyeshadow in Wild Wheat and Raspberry Truffle ($3.00 USD)
5. L.A. Colors 5 color metalic shadows in Fiesta ($3.00 or $4.00 USD online, $1.00 in dollar stores)

~♥‿♥~ Melissa