Monday, December 1, 2014

What do I love about Influenster?

 What do I love about Influenster?

Influenster has given me the chance to try great products that I wouldn't normally see myself trying. It has broadened my knowledge of products and has given me great advice!

I have gotten sent "mommy" products like the Braun No Touch thermometer and Tide to go pen. Both products have become staples in my household! I love them.

My makeup routine was pretty basic, but thanks to Influenster I have tried new products, like Mary Kay. I have always thought Mary Kay was a brand for older women, but since Influenster sent me some of the products to try I have found out that they have on trend items and fun flirty colors! I love their mascara primer as well! I never knew how much of a difference it makes until I got to try it!

I have also found my new FAVORITE face cream thanks to Influenster! I would have never in a million years spent the $25 on Olay face cream. I just couldn't bring myself to try it. So I was extremely excited to see it in my Influenster #Vowvoxbox! Now that I have tried it (and used it up) I can totally see myself spending the money for it! 

And that is what Influenster is all about! Trying new products that you never thought you would try. (Also it is great that it is FREE!!) Being an Influenster is super easy too! Just go to the Influenster website and sign up. Also it gets even easier if you have an Iphone! You can download the new mobile app and use Influenster on the go! You can take it to a store and look up reviews on products before you even buy it! 

The reviews on Influenster are a super big help as well! There have been plenty of times that I wasn't sure about spending a lot of money on a product, so I looked up the reviews on it. The reviews are done by REAL people, no BS reviews! If for some reason after reading the reviews, you still have a question, you can ask it and one of the other Influenster Divas (or Dudes) will answer it for you!

Influenster is a great place for people to get together for the love of products! You can interact with people all over and you can find the best products for you and your family. Also you get a chance to try products, for free!! The brand badges aren't just the few I talked about either! There is a badge for everyone, whatever you like I'm sure there is a badge for you! 

So go check it out! I have some invites left as well leave me a comment if you want one!


**The Influenster App**
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Favorite Brow Products.

My favorite brow products.

This product is my life saver. The little end is great for the bottom of my eyebrows. My arch isn't very prominent so I like to trim a little under my brow to make it stand out more.

 I have two brow pencils that I love. The first one is the NYC liner in Taupe. It is a great color for dark blonde people. It has a hint of a red tint which is great for me! The next pencil that I love is the Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown. It is great because it is really thin and you can build it up.

There are some other products like ELF brow stencils, ELF brow gel and the ELF brow kit in light, that I use less often but still like. These products are affordable and work well.

As for a highlight under my arch I use one of two products. I either use Almay Creme Brulee, which is very glittery! Or I will use MAC lightscapade. Which I also use as a cheek bone highlight. This by far is my favorite MAC product, crazy right?

What are your favorite brow products? Tell me in the comments below!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Braun No Touch + Thermometer

Braun No Touch + Thermometer

I received this Braun No Touch + Thermometer from Influenster and may I say it is great! My daughter, being 3 years old, is a very light sleeper. Once this girl wakes up, she does NOT go back to sleep. If she is sick it is even worse. So thank goodness this thermometer came into my life. I can take her temperature without waking her and without even turning on the light! 

First I make sure to switch it onto the "silent mode". Which is super easy just flip the switch on the side of the device.

See? Super easy. Next I make sure not to trip over anything toys in her room as I go to check her temp. You hit the power button and then the temperature button and it will turn green and a light will come on so you can get an accurate reading, they suggest between the eyebrows. If you are not close enough to the child it will say "forward" and have three lines "moving" up. As soon as it reads the temp of the child it will beep once (not loud enough to wake the child) and it will read the temp. 

It has three light coloring's after the temp is taken. Green for good temp. Yellow for slightly high and red if it is really bad. I like this feature the best because if I need to B-Line out of my child's room I can remember the color and know the steps I need to take from there. 

The only problem I could see is if your child has Rosacea or any other condition that would make their face warm. It might not read as correctly. Not many kids do though thank goodness! I also believe that is why they tell you to take the temp between the brows, even with my Rosacea that area doesn't get as "hot" when it flares up.

All that being said I would definitely recommend this thermometer! It works well and it lets my child sleep! Which I love. 

~I received this product from Influenster but all opinions are my own.~ 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Influenster Vow Vox Box!

Influenster Vow Vox Box

I was super excited to receive my Influenster Vow Vox Box in the mail! I knew it was going to be a good one!

The Olay tone correcting cream is by far my favorite product in the box! I LOVE the smell and it makes my skin so smooth and soft all day! I use it right after I wash my face and my face doesn't get oily throughout the day!
Retail: $30.99 (Walmart has it for $23.97)
The EcoTools complexion sponge is great too! It leaves your skin exfoliated and soft but not red!
Retail: $5.99
The Sally Hansen polish in Barracuda is so pretty!
I used it on my daughters nails (Seen Below) and she loved it!
Retail: $7.99

I never thought I would actually try the Tide to go pen. I was VERY skeptical about it working. Boy am I lucky that I got one in my VoxBox. It works wonders! I will be buying this again!
Retail: 3 pack for $7.99
 This is a product I have tried before. It smells great and leaves your skin feeling soft after shaving!
Retail: $2.19 (8 oz.)

The last thing in the box was a 50% off code to Riley and Grey custom wedding website services. This isn't really my thing but I checked them out and they do amazing work!

I was very impressed by this voxbox. I usually am impressed by a couple products but I was happy with EVERYTHING in this box. Thank you Influenster!