Sunday, October 19, 2014

Braun No Touch + Thermometer

Braun No Touch + Thermometer

I received this Braun No Touch + Thermometer from Influenster and may I say it is great! My daughter, being 3 years old, is a very light sleeper. Once this girl wakes up, she does NOT go back to sleep. If she is sick it is even worse. So thank goodness this thermometer came into my life. I can take her temperature without waking her and without even turning on the light! 

First I make sure to switch it onto the "silent mode". Which is super easy just flip the switch on the side of the device.

See? Super easy. Next I make sure not to trip over anything toys in her room as I go to check her temp. You hit the power button and then the temperature button and it will turn green and a light will come on so you can get an accurate reading, they suggest between the eyebrows. If you are not close enough to the child it will say "forward" and have three lines "moving" up. As soon as it reads the temp of the child it will beep once (not loud enough to wake the child) and it will read the temp. 

It has three light coloring's after the temp is taken. Green for good temp. Yellow for slightly high and red if it is really bad. I like this feature the best because if I need to B-Line out of my child's room I can remember the color and know the steps I need to take from there. 

The only problem I could see is if your child has Rosacea or any other condition that would make their face warm. It might not read as correctly. Not many kids do though thank goodness! I also believe that is why they tell you to take the temp between the brows, even with my Rosacea that area doesn't get as "hot" when it flares up.

All that being said I would definitely recommend this thermometer! It works well and it lets my child sleep! Which I love. 

~I received this product from Influenster but all opinions are my own.~ 

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