Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Review

   I got some new Mary Kay products in an Influenster Vox Box and I have had some time to try them out! Here is my honest opinion of the products I received.

  This is the Mary Kay eyelash primer. I have never used an eyelash primer before. My lashes looked a little thicker after applying this and the mascara but not to much. 

  This is the Mary Kay Lash Love lengthening mascara. I used it with the lash primer and without. It did make my lashes appear a little longer but I think that is just because my lashes are blonde so I can't normally see them very well. I do like this mascara though, no clumping like some other brands!

  This is the cream eyeshadow brush. I like this brush, it is a little soft for applying cream shadow but it does the job! :)

  This is the Mary Kay High Dimensions lipstick in Pink Cherie. I love the color first off, but I am partial to pink lipsticks. It is shiny but not overbearing. I LOVE how creamy it is and it lasts for a while without having to reapply. 

  Last but not least we have the Mary Kay cream eye color in Violet Storm. I used this as a "darker" base under my light purple MAC pigment and It looked beautiful! I wish I would have taken a picture! Also it lasted longer than I thought it would being a cream eye shadow. I never had good luck with cream shadows before but this one was a breeze to work with. :)

  I really love these products! I had tried Mary Kay before, a long time ago when I first started with makeup and it made me break out pretty bad. I am glad to say that this time I had no breakouts! Maybe they changed the formula or maybe I grew out of that stage. Either way I am happy that I can use it now.

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