Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dumb Blonde!

Bed Head
Colour Combat

Okay this may be the best working Blonde shampoo I have found! I usually use Jirmack shampoo but when this one is on sale I stock up! The smell leaves a little to be desired... it smells like grape cough syrup, but the conditioner makes up for it! It leaves your hair smelling wonderful all day!
The line has recently changed the look of the bottles but as far I know they have not changed the formula of the shampoo at all! Same purple shampoo and same thick golden conditioner.
(old packaging)
Price Listing (From
8.45 oz Squeeze Tube $16.95
25.36 oz Pump $25.95
6.76 oz Squeeze Tube $17.95
25.36 oz Pump $26.95
Leave-in Conditioner:
8.45 oz Spray $16.95
Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff:
1.69 oz Jar $17.50
Dumb Blonde Reconstructor:
6 fl oz Squeeze Tube $17.50
*I get mine on sale on Black Friday every year for about $7 a bottle for the 25.36 oz pump... I'm to cheap to spend $26 on one bottle of shampoo and another $26 for one bottle of conditioner!
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